College Student Packages

For the homesick, health-focused, or for the ones that need a little bit of extra love, Grandma’s Chicken Soup offers a wide variety of college care packages that any student can receive while they are away from home.

Most college kids love hearing from family and friends back home and they also enjoy treats delivered right to their doorsteps. Often, they are a little hungry which makes our college student packages a great way to express, "We are thinking about you.” These unique care packages for college students are a healthy alternative when someone is not feeling well (we even offer overnight delivery) and will give them a little piece of home away from home.

These college care packages are perfect for students heading to university this fall, stocking up a dorm room with treats, and needing brain food during finals. Take the stress out of putting together a food care package for your college student by sending a ready-made care kit online from Grandma’s Chicken Soup.

Our college food packages are a delicious alternative to sending flowers - choose from one of our gift packages below!

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