Baby Gifts


Soup gift packages from Grandma’s Chicken Soup make for an ideal present to pregnant women, women who just gave birth, babies who just started eating solid foods, or parents who need a little break. Grandma's Chicken Soup offers unique baby gift packages that any new mother would love and enjoy!

These healthy and tasty soup gift bundles help take the pressure off tired parents to give them a break from the kitchen. Having meals delivered right to your front door promotes a more comfortable life while getting to savor every moment with your family. Sending soup as a gift for new parents gives a new mom a night off from cooking and more time to cuddle her sweet precious angel, which is the perfect gift to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

Grandma’s Chicken Soup ensures quality meals to send to new parents, making these meal and gift bundles the perfect maternity gift everyone can feel good getting. These prepared soup meals and baby gift packages include a few extra goodies for both parents and the new baby, from stuffed animals to blankets to cuddly toys.

Our prepared meals for new parents and baby gifts are a delicious and helpful alternative to sending flowers. It allows you to give a gift that everyone in the family can enjoy. Choose from one of our delectable soup gift packages and bundles below!

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